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StressLess Living, Issue #008 -- 10 Tips for Dealing with Stress
September 01, 2010

Hi,Kell here!

Welcome to the StressLess Living Newsletter #8.

StressLess Living #8

Latest Stress News
's Recommended Stress Resources
10 Stress Management Tips
Do You Want to Work from Home?

When it comes to stress management we find that we need help from time to time to learn new tips and techniques to reduce the amount of daily stress we feel.

Sometimes the solution is as simple as taking a bath or more complicated like keeping a diary of causes of stress and letting them go.

We'll take a look at 10 stress management tips.

Latest stress news

news New research on stress and infertility
Breaking news published online in the journal Fertility and Sterility.

Korean workers most stressed in the OECD
A report released by the Samsung Economic Research Institute yesterday claims that Korea has the highest stress levels and the lowest job satisfaction of any developed country.

If you have any news on stress then we would love to hear about. Please share it!

's recommended stress resources to reduce stress

Don't be passive to the effects of stress. The best thing you can do is to be proactive in the face of stress!

Use these stress resources to reduce your stress today.

Stress Management Course.
This stress management course gives you practical tips to take control of stress.

Stress Reducer Resources.
Not sure which books or relaxation mp3's to purchase. Perhaps you are looking for guided imagery CD's or stress relief games. If so, then check out Stress Reducer Resources.

Guided Imagery Meditation.
Einstein used guided imagery to come up with his theory of relativity. Some of the best athletes in the world use it regularly to enhance their performance and doctors teach it to relieve the pain of their patients.

This guided imagery meditation, with the soothing voice combined with relaxing music, can put you on the path to deep relaxation and recuperation.

10 stress management tips

  1. Work Your Breathing. Breathing exercises are a popular and successful stress reduction technique.

    The individual that is stressed should take a moment and close their eyes. Inhale deeply for three seconds and exhale for an additional three seconds.

    Repeat several times until you feel yourself becoming calm.

  2. Self Massages are a Good Thing. Many people think they can only be massaged by others, but that isn't true.

    When you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed a common symptom of stress is excess muscular tension.

    Take the time to massage your own shoulders and neck. You might be surprised at home much it helps.

  3. news

  4. Show Us Those Pearly Whites. Think stress has got you down? Take a moment to smile and let it go.

    When we focus on smiling, we actually find it makes us feel good and can reduce the amount of overall tension we are feeling.

    See how laughter therapy has been used as a stress management technique.

  5. The Numbers Game. Sometimes if we associate our stress with a number we realize it isn't that important.

    Many people find that a 1 - 10 scale with anything falling below a 6 in severity helps to keep their stress in check and gives them peace of mind as well.

  6. Write this down. A great tool is to write down all your causes of stress on a sheet of paper and look at them.

    When they are in black and white in front of your face, you quickly find that everything isn't as bad as it looks.

    In fact, you might notice some of the items don't deserve stress at all.

    Download a stress diary and track your stressors.

  7. Count It Out. When you have a stressful moment, count to ten and hold your breath to three. Then let it out and count backwards from ten.

    Often we focus on something else and the stress goes away.

  8. Caffeine is a Bad Jolt. You might like coffee, but caffeine likes to stress you out.

    Consider giving regular caffeine the boot and seeing what changes in your life are done just by making the switch to decaf.

    The right stress nutrition is an important part of dealing with stress.

  9. No, is better Than Yes. Sometimes stress comes from saying yes and having too much to do.

    Take some 'you' time and tell everyone no. This doesn't make you a bad person, instead it allows you to relax and catch a breath.

  10. Smell De-stressed? Add lavender or other relaxing scents to your clothing.

    Being surrounded by these scents can reduce the feeling of stress daily by as much as 25%.

  11. Don't Live the Victim Part. Too many times we allow stress to control our life.

    Instead, push yourself past the stress to do whatever it is you are worried about.

    Normally it will prove to be nothing, and you just might find that whatever was holding you back was you.

These are just ten of many ways you can add stress management to your life.

Explore your other possibilities and work towards a more relaxed tomorrow.

Do you want to work from home?

I work as a registered psychologist and stress management consultant with with elite athletes, business professionals, and students.

This involves a lot of travelling with national teams and to the offices of executives.

Since I have a family and a baby on the way I am keen to work more from home.

See where our Stress Management for Peak Performance journey began

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