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StressLess Living, Issue #007 -- 4 Stress Management Tips to Take Control Today
August 03, 2010

Hi,Kell here!

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Welcome to the StressLess Living Newsletter #7.

You only need to turn on the TV or scan the news to know that stress is a fact of life.

However, it does not have to be a part of life!

These 4 stress management tips give you the skills to relax your body, calm your mind, and take control of stress today.

With bills to pay, deadlines to make, and overwhelming responsibilities, life can sometimes be challenging.

But you don't have to be passive to the effects of stress.

StressLess Living #7

Latest Stress News
's Recommended Stress Resources
1. The 6 second breathing technique
2. PMR as a stress reduction technique
3. Viewing a cup as half full
4. Using structural problem solving
Please pay if forward
Do You Want to Work from Home?

These stress managements tips are a proactive step to take charge of your thoughts and emotions to reduce stress.

There is no "one magic bullet" to deal with stress so I urge you to try different stress management techniques to see what works for you.What you really need is a relaxing break - but the demanding schedule won't let up.

Latest stress news

news Give up smoking and reduce chronic stress
Smokers often say they need a cigarette to calm their nerves, but a new study suggests that after a person kicks the habit, chronic stress levels may go down.

Vocal stress detector
Which job candidates will work better under the pump? Soon you may be able to find out with a voice-based stress detector.

If you have any news on stress then we would love to hear about. Please share it!

's recommended stress resources to reduce stress

Don't be passive to the effects of stress. The best thing you can do is to be proactive in the face of stress!

Here we recommend a number of stress resources that you can use to reduce your stress today.

Stress Management Course.
Are you stressed out? Do you want to know how you can cope better with stress?

This stress management course gives you practical tips to take control of stress. It is a similar course that we use in our stress management lessons. These lessons are sent to your Inbox.

Stress Reducer Resources.
Not sure which books or relaxation mp3's to purchase. Perhaps you are looking for guided imagery CD's or stress relief games. If so, then check out Stress Reducer Resources.

Stress Diary.
Research shows that the most pervasive stress for your health is chronic stress.

The problem with chronic stress is that it is deceptive! Download a stress diary and collect objective data about your stress.

By identifying what causes you stress and how you react to stress you can put in place stress management techniques to control stress.

Guided Imagery Meditation.
Einstein used guided imagery to come up with his theory of relativity. Some of the best athletes in the world use it regularly to enhance their performance and doctors teach it to relieve the pain of their patients.

This guided imagery meditation, with the soothing voice combined with relaxing music, can put you on the path to deep relaxation and recuperation.

1. The 6 second breathing technique

Developed by Dr Charles Stoebel of Yale University, the 6 second breathing technique counters the stress response and activates the relaxation response.

When stress our body activates the stress response. A number of stress hormones are released into the blood stream and a number of symptoms of stress arise.

To counter this stress response, Dr Stoebel developed a breathing technique called 'The Quieting Reflex'.

With practice The Quieting Reflex activates the relaxation response countering the effects of stress on the mind and body.

Try out the 6 second breathing and relaxation technique but remember, that like playing tennis or learning to drive, learning a new skill takes practice to master.

2. PMR as a stress reduction technique

PMR or progressive muscle relaxation was developed by Dr Jacobson in the 1930's.

This relaxation technique involves tensing and relaxing different muscle groups and has been used often to increase a sense of calm and tranquility.

PMR is a body-to-mind relaxation technique.

If you carry alot of tension in your shoulders or muscular tension elsewhere in your body then PMR can be useful to relax your muscles and calm your mind.

This script on progressive muscle relaxation reduces stress and promotes calmness.

3. Viewing a cup as half full

A definition of stress is that stress is largely the result of how we perceive the situation.

We all know people who appear never to get stressed. Stress just seems like 'water off a ducks back' for them.

What for them leaves them unruffled, for others it sends into a tailspin of increasing stress.

Stress is in the eye of the beholder and here we examine how a positive mental attitude can give you most resilience to the effects of stress.

4. Using structural problem solving

You may learn all the relaxation techniques in the world but still the problem that is causing you stress remains.

If this is the case, then structural problem solving could be useful for you.

Going to the source of the issue and working out your options, resources required and actions needed can take the emotion out of the problem.

Download your structured problem solving sheet on this page.

Paying It Forward

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

Many subscribers have asked why we give all our resources and courses away for free, and ask for nothing in exchange. Especially when these courses cost hundreds of dollars each to attend.

Well.... our mission is to improve the amount of quality stress management content, tools and resources offered on the Internet.

Why...well we are tired of making this information exclusive to the few who can afford it and think more good comes from putting it out there for you to try.


You can share with the rest of us – it's easy, why not share some stress management tips that you have found to be useful to yourself or others.

We want to hear your ideas on what stress management tips work and don’t work!

Now comes the fun part! Once your page is written, submitted and approved for publication, we will create a webpage to highlight your story – and we will also highlight YOU as the generous person who submitted it.

We will announce your story to the rest of the Stress Management community and invite our readers to comment on your page.

Do you want to work from home?

As a registered psychologist working with elite athletes, business professionals and students - you can imagine that I was traveling quite alot.

I have a family and a baby on the way - so as you imagine I am keen to work from home.

See where our Stress Management for Peak Performance journey began

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To all of our subscribers, please let us know your comments, views or feedback so that we can improve our site for our most valuable resource - YOU

Dr Kell and the team at Stress Management for Peak Performance wish you all the best.

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