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Hi. StressLess Living, Issue #12: How To Turn A Bad Day Around
February 15, 2011

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Hi, Kell here!
Welcome to the StressLess Living Newsletter #13.

Shortness of breath, fast heartbeat and an overall feeling of anxiousness are some of the main symptoms of stress, and it is important to find ways to combat the stress.

In today's society, "stress" has become a regular part of our vocabulary. However, stress is not something that we should crave. In fact, if most people knew the negative, long lasting effects of stress on their bodies, they would do their best to take the necessary steps to reduce their stress levels.

It is almost impossible to go through an entire day without experiencing stress, so instead of spinning your wheels and attempting to completely eliminate stress, here are 5 ways to reduce your stress levels and have a better life.

1. No is not always negative

When someone asks you to do something, do you instantly agree?

Once you've agreed, do you regret it and wish you had a time machine to reserve your decision?

When you refuse to say no, you are in a sense setting yourself up for failure. Although you might feel mean at first, get into the habit of saying "no" to people. When you stand up for yourself and take control of your life, you will have a better chance to control and reduce your stress levels.

These assertiveness skills help you to find the sweet spot between passive and aggressive.

2. Vitamins

Did you know that certain vitamin deficiencies have been directly related to stress?

Also vitamins for stress boost your ability for coping with stress.

Many people don't realize the importance of taking vitamins on a regular basis because they feel that they only need to take them when they feel tired.

However, if you are already feeling tired and worn out, then that usually means that your body is already in desperate need of vitamins. Instead of allowing yourself to hit rock bottom, take vitamins on a daily basis.

Many people prefer a once daily multi-vitamin because they only have to remember to take it once a day. If you are not sure what kinds of vitamins you should take, talk to your doctor and start your new vitamin regimen.

3. Soundtrack your life

Have you ever noticed how music can have a calming effect?

It seems that no matter what is happening, relaxing music can make a bad situation seem better.

Everyone's relaxation music is different, so it is important to find the music that makes you feel the best.

Instead of waiting until you are already stressed, get into the habit of listening to music during your daily activities.

This article talks about music and stress.

4. Take a calming breath

While it is true that we are constantly breathing, deep breaths is one of those simple yet effective stress reducers.

When you take deep, calming breaths, you can take the time to put things into perspective and calm down. Deep breaths are effective because you can do them anywhere, and they allow you take control of your life.

Here are several breathing exercises to relax your mind and body quickly.

5. Develop a positive attitude

Do you have a chronic bad attitude?

If so, that negative attitude is actually attributing to your stress levels.

When you expect the best out of life, you will get the best out of your life. However, if you are a worrywart and you are constantly stressing about everything, your life will follow the course that you expect.

These resources help you to develop a positive mental attitude:


Keep in mind that life is meant to be enjoyed, and the last thing you want to do is waste time being stressed about everything. Once you take the time to put things into perspective, you will realize that there is more to life than living in a state of anxiety.

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All the best,

Dr Kell and the team at Stress Management for Peak Performance wish you all the best.

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