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Hi. StressLess Living, Issue #14: Top 10 Tension Tamers
March 01, 2011

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Hi, Kell here!
Welcome to the StressLess Living Newsletter #14.

Is your body filled with tension these days?

Do you need to find a way to relax?

You are not alone and have come to the right place. We will give you the top 10 list of tension tamers that are being used today. Read on to find out what they are...

1. Exercise

Exercise is very effective at lowering your stress level. It also makes your body healthier at the same time. Through working out you not only burn off any tension you also release certain endorphins in your body that naturally make you feel good. Add exercise to your life each and every day to help manage your stress on a regular basis.

See how exercise reduces stress and what you can do to maintain a good exercise habit.

2. Breathing for stress relief

Learning how to breathe in deeply helps to relieve stress. These breathing exercises teach you how to do this effectively.

This practice can relieve tension quite efficiently. When you do this type of breathing you do it with your diaphragm not just your lungs. You get the maximum oxygen intake this way.

3. Guided imagery meditation

Some of the best athletes and presenters in the world use guided imagery meditation to relieve tension and shift focus. You can do guided imagery to put you in a different setting than the situations that cause you the stress. Doing this helps you focus your mind on a relaxing scene and shifting your focus away from stressful situations.

4. Meditation

Meditation techniques use deep breathing techniques to relax your mind and body and then meditation principles to focus your mind on a mantra or on nothing at all. Depending on the type of meditation, meditation gives you more control of your thoughts which can be hard to rein in when stressed, so that you become relaxed. While you are emptying you mind you breathe in deeply and exhale.

5. Visualization

Visualization allows you to picture yourself becoming relaxed and tension free. You also can use this to see yourself obtaining your goals. This does make your tension lessen.

6. Music for stress relief

Music makes many people relax. Just sit back and listen to your favorite artists. Even if the music makes you get up and dance, it will still be relaxing since dancing is good exercise. Here we talk more about music and stress.

7. Self hypnosis

Self-hypnosis combines visualization and guided imagery to put you in touch with your mind on its subconscious level. This can make you give up stressful habits, develop healthier behavior and other things that you may not be able to do in your conscious mind. Self hypnosis takes a bit of training and practice, but it is well worth doing.

8. Progressive muscle relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation teaches you how to tighten and relax each of the muscle groups in your body one at a time. This causes you to become relaxed. You can accomplish this even sitting at your desk at the office after some practice.

9. Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for many thousands of years for relieving stress and attaining good health. This has a variety of relaxation techniques involved along with the yoga movements like the meditation and breathing.

Here are some basic hatha yoga poses to incorporate into your daily routine to reduce stress.

10. Sex

Sex is one thing many people do as a stress reliever. Anyone who has ever had sex knows how it can make you forget your troubles and totally relax. Some people, when stress is at its worse, refrain from participating in sex when in fact they should do the opposite.


The nice thing about these tension tamers is that you can combine more than one, if need be, to get the desired effect. There is no need to go around all tensed up, try the above tension tamers and calm down.

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All the best,

Dr Kell and the team at Stress Management for Peak Performance wish you all the best.

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