About Us: Our Online Journey

Hi, and thanks for checking us out at Stress Management for Peak Performance.

For a number of years we have been working and teaching in the field of stress management and anxiety. We lecture at university and work as registered psychologists in a clinical setting.

We also work at one of the premier sporting academies in the country. My particular role is to work with athletes on performance pressure, goal setting, stress management and focus.

The downside is that our work requires lots of travel and time away from home, family and friends.

For about 6 months we toyed with the idea of taking our passion for what we do, online. For a long time we received good feedback about our courses, with people often asking if we can present for their company or other colleagues.

So naturally, we were looking for a way to broaden the reach of our target audience. The answer was a no-brainer to us, which was to GET OUR PASSION "ONLINE".


Our Online Journey - Putting our Passion on the Net

Our first step trying to set up an online business was disappointing.

We signed up with an unknown webhost and paid our year subscription. No support or help was given, and we found ourselves spending more time trying to develop a site, and less time on the things that we were passionate about!

We almost gave up after 6 months – it all seemed too difficult!

Then we STRUCK THE JACKPOT. I read a story about a story 16 year old girl who had built a successful online business by following her passion.

Her site, all about a Caribbean Island, had climbed to the top of several search engines! There were no tricks or gimmicks, just a good website with great content that was a pleasure to visit.

She was doing exactly what we wanted to do!

Here was a girl, with little experience in developing a successful online business, who was writing about something that she was passionate about and was making a good living from doing it.

Burnt from our first experience in dealing with a web-host we thoroughly explored SBI.

We took a Video Tour of SBI and chose them because:

  • We didn't know HTML and we had next to no knowledge of IT or how to run a successful online business. Frankly we had more important things to do.
  • It had a clear and proven track record of success
  • Tt offered everything that we needed to get started, and
  • They quickly and honestly answered any questions that we had – and we had a lot of them!

Where we are today: Tracking our progress

Our site is about one year old - but we have only really been working on it for the last 1 month (as the others were completing their PhDs in psychology). At the moment I am on holidays (Jan/Feb 2010) and working about 2hrs a day on it.

Here is a snapshot of progress.

Month of January, 2010. 50 unique visitors a day. Ranked 900,000 on the Alexa ranking.

I will keep you updated on a monthly basis for how our site is going.

We know that if we could devote more time to our online business, that the numbers would be 10 times this.

But as they say, "Rome was not built in a day".

The great thing is that we are both pursuing our passion and building an online business.

I can’t recommend Solo Build It highly enough. They have answered my questions honestly and quickly. It has allowed us to develop online business that over time will enable us to "quit our day job" and pursue our online passion.

Yours sincerely,

Kell and the team at Stress Management for Peak Performance

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