Download an Action Plan for Goal Setting Success

An action plan is critical for goal setting success. A plan connects today's dreams with tomorrow's reality.

I provide you with a download an action plan template that I use with elite athletes, business professionals and students to achieve goal setting success.

So if you have set SMARTer goals, then a goal setting plan provides you with the action steps or the objectives that support your goal setting success.

Action steps within the goal setting plan allow you to:

  • Identify the tasks that support your goal.
  • Give you a more specific timeline for tasks that make up your goal.
  • Provide you with more specific resources to achieve your goal.
Because a goal setting plan provides you with the small focused steps in the direction of goal setting success, you are able to track goal progress closely and identify any potential goal setting problems quickly.

Some people find that goal setting software can reduce the labor and effort involved in setting up a detailed goal setting plan to your success.

However, I recommend before you go out an buy the latest software, that you try this goal setting plan for each of your SMARTer goals, because software does not replace the thought that goes into each of these action steps.

I will provide you with a real personal example of how I used a goal setting plan to get over my fear of public speaking when I started to teach at university.

For me there was nothing worse than talking in front of a group. Just the thought would make me short of breath and come out in a cold sweat.

But I knew that I had to do something!

While there are plenty of strategies to reduce stress (such as breathing techniques, meditation and visual imagery), for me I really needed to develop my confidence in public speaking.

See this goal setting plan example, which I found has helped me to support the goal of building confidence and reducing my fear of public speaking.

I use this goal setting plan with elite athletes, business professionals and students who want to achieve goal success in whatever their goals may be.

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