Android Apps for Stress Relief

The latest android apps for stress relief. These applications are free or almost free for you to download on your Android today.

What sort of things can you get with an android app for stress relief. The android applications that I have seen are:

  • unlimited meditation music for stress relief. These are usually provided on radio stations that the app connects to.
  • anti-stress quotes that can be pulled out of the back pocket to provide that quick perspective checker and stress reducer.
  • relaxing sounds that you can use when going to sleep, for meditation, or for increased focus (and less distractions from your coworkers)
  • self hypnosis and relaxation hypnosis tools that can guide you to a relaxed hypnotic state
  • personality tests that can provide you with insight for how you can best cope with stress
  • "How To Deal With Stress" E-Books that outline what is stress, how to cope with stress, and provide stress tests.
  • apps for more serious forms of stress such as post traumatic stress disorder
  • angry bubble wrap challenges and other stress reducer games
  • Yoga for Stress Relief that has tutorials, quizzes, and various yoga techniques
  • anti stress grocery list
  • breathing techniques for stress management. For example the Breath2Relax app has instructions for diaphragmatic breathing and allows you to use touch screen technology to record your stress levels on a visual analogue scale.
  • tips for a stress-free Christmas
  • how to cope with computer work stress
  • stress relief games such as iDestroy
  • mindfulness for stress relief

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