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Getting anxiety help with online professional counseling is relatively new and there is a small body of research to support it's effectiveness.

If you don't want to leave the comfort of your house or you find face-to-face counseling intimidating, then receiving help for anxiety by a professional counselor/psychologist online may be helpful for treating anxiety disorders.

Online counseling is not the same as therapy face-to-face but it may be helpful for some individuals and not for others.

But before you decide that online counseling for treating anxiety is for you there are a number of possible disadvantages for treating an anxiety disorder. These may include:

  • the risk to confidentiality (re. due to hackers)
  • greater difficulty reading body cues
  • problems helping people in urgent and dire circumstances
  • difficulty with introducing treatments such as exposure therapy
  • insurance companies may be less ready to pay for online therapy.

If you want a professional to talk to and help you to take control of stress and anxiety then these professional counselors are available by phone or internet.

Please note that this site is for information purposes only, and we recommend that you see your medical professional for advice.

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