Be Positive to Deal with Stress

by james

Change every negative thought into a positive one.

I believe that being negative on one issue starts a spiral effect on many other negative thoughts.

First is to acknowledge the issue.

Second is to find positive situations from the issue. As a divorce, with me, it was a very positive step for me into a new life, a new journey.

Third is to catch the negative thought as it happens an change the thought , replace with a positive thought.

At first it feels like- wow I sure had a lot of negative thoughts- but soon they are replaced with positive thoughts.

Not only are thoughts negative but friends and family thoughts are sometimes also negative. For me, I did a grand detox of friends, family etc , some friends I had known for 20 years but realized the impact of negativity that they had on me. It is a trade off.

There are many books, from the library, on setting boundaries.

Be positive on all of your thoughts.

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