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Biofeedback machines monitor your physiological responses. Purchase these biofeedback devices today and increase the power of your mind over the effects of stress on your body.

There are different biofeedback machines that can monitor the physiological effects of stress on your body. These include the Electromyogram (EMG) that measures muscle tension, the Galvanic Skin response (GSR) that measures the electrical conductivity of your skin, temperature biofeedback machines, and blood pressure machines.

Electromyogram (EMG)

The EMG measures muscle tension. Two electrodes are placed over the specific muscle that is being monitored. Typical muscles that are monitored are the frowning muscle in your forehead, the jaw muscle or shoulder muscles that hunches over when stressed.

Often when stressed, these muscles are activated and can cause tension headaches, backaches and neck pain.

What the EMG does is that it picks up the muscle tension and gives you a cues such as a flashing light. In this way you are monitoring the muscle tension and can begin to feel what the muscle tension feels like.

By becoming aware of the muscle tension you begin to realize when your tension builds and then you can use the skills that you learnt in your biofeedback therapy to gain control of the tension before the tension becomes a tension headache, a backache or neck pain.

Temperature biofeedback

When you are stressed your body releases adrenaline. This adrenaline diverts blood from the body surface to the interior of the body to prepare for the fight or flight response. As the body moves blood from the surface to the interior the skin temperature drops.

Monitoring skin temperature can be a useful tool to manage stress.

Galvanic Skin response (GSR)

I know when I give presentations and lectures I get a light film of stress on my forehead. One of the signs of stress is that you can sweat more.

Damp skin conducts electricity more effectively than dry skin. The GSR has been used to treat phobias, stuttering, excessive worrying and also lie detection. The GSR can also be used by athletes to monitor their stress response prior to big events.

Blood pressure

Biofeedback can also monitor your blood pressure. When stressed, your blood pressure can rise. Since some people can have high blood pressure without appearing to be stressed, biofeedback can be a used as a tool to monitor this blood pressure.

Combined with relaxation techniques this can be a good way to develop skills to reduce high blood pressure.

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