Biofeedback Therapy for Stress

Biofeedback therapy can occur in clinics, hospitals and medical centers. Also, there are an increasing number of biofeedback machines which are also being used at home.

What can you expect in a biofeedback session?

Biofeedback can be useful for a number of stress-related symptoms, which may include (but are not limited to):

For example, let’s suppose that you are going to a biofeedback session because you suffer from tension headaches. What the therapist will most likely do is connect you to a biofeedback device that monitors your tense muscles.

The feedback device should give you visual and/or auditory cues, such as a beep or a light, that allow you to associate your tension headache with physiological changes such as muscle tension.

By associating your tension headache with the muscle tension, the biofeedback therapist can give you relaxation techniques that allow you to relax the relevant muscles causing your tension headache.

So biofeedback is a training device that gives you the tools to monitor your physiological response to stress, so that outside the office you are able to relax without the help of a biofeedback machine.

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