Biofeedback for Stress

Biofeedback is a tool that can enhance the connection between your mind and body, and can be a great tool for stress relief.

Do you feel often overwhelmed and stressed?

Do you more control over the effect of stress?

If so, then the right feedback device can be a tool for your stress relief.

As a therapeutic tool it provides you with information that you can use for self-regulation.

The principles of therapy are similar to whenever you step on the scales or use a thermometer.

It provides you with your body's physiological responses, such as temperature, muscle tension or heart rate.

When stressed, your body responds with the fight or flight response, resulting in typical symptoms of stress.

Stress typically speeds up your breathing, increases your heart rate and releases adrenaline to prepare you for action.

However you can't keep getting more and more stressed...otherwise you will EXPLODE.

Thus the body has a natural system that counters stress with the relaxation response.

The fight or flight is countered by rest and renew.

The relaxation response slows down your heart rate and breathing, helping you to naturally recover from stress.

Unfortunately, in today's stress stressful times, the stress response can remain active for too long and cause you to suffer from stress.

Over time, this can overwhelm you and can lead to health problems.

With the right device, you become more aware of the way that your body reacts to stress, With practice you can use your mind to control the subtle bodily changes that can occur when stressed.

The following articles provide information on:

  • the exciting field of neurofeedback and how this can change your response stress
  • a more detail explanation of what is biofeedback and how this can change your response stress
  • the number of different devices that you can use to reduce the impact of stress on your body.

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