Cardiac Patients Prescribed Laughter, Fun Following Heart Surgery

Following heart surgery, two out of five people are clinically depressed.

Post surgery instructions at Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute will soon find recreation and fun as part of the instructions.

Following cardiac surgery requires a significant period of recovery. However 2 out of five people following surgery are clinically depressed. When depressed, patients have greater difficulty adhering or complying to recommended care and are more likely to have complications.

In other words. depression and anxiety hamper the recovery of patients of cardiac surgery.

Their program (called SMART Heart) focuses, in part, on having fun and relaxation activities. Whether this is watching TV or talking to others, the activities include coping mechanisms such as relaxation, and distraction techniques like humor.

Depressed cardiac patients are less likely to comply with recommended post-surgery instructions while studies show that humor and optimism increase well-being and good health....which is good for the patient recovering from cardiac surgety.

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May 19, 2015
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