What are your main causes of stress?

Knowing what your main causes of stress are enables you to implement an effective stress management plan. 

You just need to turn on the TV to see that stress is part of our lives. But stress does not have to be a way of life.

Jobs, school, money and relationships....these are some of the biggest causes of stress. 

Did you know that according to the Stress in America report that:

  • 69% of Americans surveyed said money was a significant source of stress.
  • 60% were stressed about work
  • 49% by the economy
  • 47% by family responsibilities
  • 46% by personal health concerns.

Here we examine the main causes of stress. Knowing what causes stress enables you to use stress management techniques to take control of stress today. 

Main Causes of Stress

Money problems and financial stress

Rising unemployment, less job security, and more depressing news coming out everyday.....it is no wonder people are concerned about their finances.

With increased pressure to remain afloat and greater uncertainty surrounding the future, financial stress is the biggest source of stress affecting 69% of Americans surveyed in 2014.

There are several things you can do today to reduce the impact of financial stress on you and your family.

What are your stress triggers?

Each of us has our own stress triggers. Whether they are people that rub us the wrong way, or too much to do and not enough time, or general frustration; knowing what pushes your buttons is a good start to to implement a stress management plan. This starts with collecting objective data. Download your stress diary and today. 

Job related stress

An obnoxious boss, an inconsiderate work colleague, a to-do list as long as your arm, a lack of job security...there are many causes of job stress.

In 2014, roughly 60% of Americans reported that job stress was one of the main sources of stress. 

job stress

While some jobs such as air traffic controllers or hospital and emergency services can be inherently stressful, there are very few workplaces that are immune from the effects of stress.

Job stress can affect the quality of your work and your health! Here we look at ways you can reduce your job stress today.

Adapting to change

Whether it is moving house, going to a new school, or having a wedding, change that takes you out of your comfort zone has the potential to be a main cause of stress.

Two stress researchers who have looked deeply into stress and change and the impact on health are Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe. 

How stressed are you?

The Holmes-Rahe stress questionnaire can be used to understand your stress triggers and the amount of stress you may be under.

Family stress and responsibilies

Families and relationships are a significant source and cause of stress with 47% of Americans surveyed saying that this was a 'very' or a 'somewhat' significant source of stress.

Some common sources of family stress include:

  • Arguments with your spouse, 
  • misbehaving children, or
  • inadequate work-life balance.

Here are some family stress management tips help to reduce family stress.

Other causes of stress include:

Some of the above information was collected from the Stress in America Report.

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