Deep breathing exercise and stress management

by Kerry

I use this deep breathing exercise for stress management.

I get myself in a comfortable position and:

1. inhale through my nose and count slowly to 6 filling my lungs from the bottom up.

2. I then exhale slowly through my mouth - again counting to 6

3. I do this 10 times.

I find that when I get stressed that I breathe quickly from my chest and sometimes even hold my breath.

I find that this belly breathing and counting to 6 is a great stress reducer for me.

By the your site.

All the best


Hi Kerry,

Thanks very much. It is always good to get feedback on my site.

Thanks also for your tip on breathing. I find that breathing exercises are a great way to reduce stress quickly. They are a good stress management technique to break the stress cycle.

Here are several breathing exercises
that you can use to reduce stress.

All the best

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