Stress and Depression

The relationship between stress and depression can be complex. People can become depressed when they have to deal with high levels of stress for a long time, or go through periods of life crisis.

If you are passed over for promotion, miss an important deadline or end a relationship can be traumatic and cause a great deal of stress for many people. Likewise, positive events such as getting a new job or being newly married can also contribute to stress.

These stressful events can precede the development of becoming clinically depressed.

However, whether the stressful event actually causes a person to become clinically depressed is not fully known.

Many of us struggle with many stressful events, yet don't become clinically depressed.

Also, some people come depressed when they have very few stressors in their lives.

So the effect of stress does raise the risk of becoming depressed. But how the individual reacts to the stressful event in the context of their environment is important contributor to that person becoming depressed.

Being clinically depressed is a serious illness and medical advice from your doctor should be sought

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