Easy Meditation Techniques

Here we provide a couple of easy meditation techniques for you.

Practicing your meditation is easier that you think and you can reap the benefits of meditation from even a few minutes of meditation a day.

Are you a beginner learning how to meditate?

Do you only have a only few minutes spare to meditate?

If so, then these meditation techniques are designed for you.

Meditations don't have to be long hours of sitting in the lotus position.

They can be simple to learn and easy to practice.

Here we provide you with two easy meditation techniques. These include:

  • a five minute mindfulness meditation
  • a mindful eating exercise

A five minute meditation exercise

First minute: Find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Spend the first minute listening to the rhythm of your body.

Rather than listening to the mind try to listen to the physical messages your body is sending you.

Do you feel tension, tightness, or any other sensation in the different parts of your body?

If so, then these are signs to give a little more care to these areas.

Second minute: Bring your awareness to your breath.

With each inhale feel the abdomen and rib cage expand and with each exhale feel the flow of air out of the body.

Third minute: Deepen your awareness of your breathing as your breathing slows down into long breaths in and out.

Fourth minute: Bring your awareness to the air entering and leaving your body.

Feel the air enter through your nostrils, filling up the lower and then upper portions of your lungs, and the leaving the body out of your mouth.

Fifth minute: Bring your awareness back to your body and listen to the messages that your body is giving to you. Note any changes in physical tension.

Well done, you have finished a easy meditation technique that took five minutes.

Can you make a commitment for tomorrow? Can you find five minutes in your day to practice this meditation technique.

Mindful eating exercise

Even though transcendental meditation and zen meditation are usually sitting meditations, meditation does not have be done in the sitting position.

Mindfulness meditation is about enhancing your awareness of the present moment and this can be done anywhere.

Whether you are washing dishes or doing walking meditation the important things is to fill your senses with what you are experiencing in the present moment.

Here is a mindful eating exercise that I find useful with many of my clients.

  1. Put a sultana (or for that matter most types of food) in your hand.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight.
  3. Feel the sultana in your hand. Feel the texture of the skin on the sultana. Feel the curves and the indents on the surface. Notice the nuances of the sultana in your hand.
  4. Look at the sultana. What color is the sultana? Notice the sultana so well so that if you were going to put in back in the packet of sultanas you would notice it.
  5. Now put the sultana in your mouth. Feel the texture of the sultana as you move it around your mouth with your tongue. What does it feel like?
  6. Bite into the sultana. Feel your jaws move as your chew. Notice the taste of the sultana.
  7. Swallow the sultana. Notice how the breath pauses as your muscles prepare to swallow the sultana.
  8. Take note of any other observations that arise from this experience.

Learning how to meditate for a beginner may require more than just easy meditation techniques to become a habit.

If meditation is difficult for you then both meditation music and meditation software can enhance the meditation experience in a number of ways.

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