Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

by Kyra

I have been receiving generalized anxiety disorder treatment for several months.

Some of the ways the psychologists have helped me to manage my generalized anxiety disorder symptoms are:

  1. through some relaxation training. They gave me some abdominal breathing techniques that helped me to reduce my anxiety.

  2. I also looked at some of the self-talk which was mainly negative and fearful. These worrying thoughts were challenged in cognitive therapy in which I replace with better, or what they called, more realistic thinking. I also did some checking on the changes that negative things would happen.

  3. I as exposed to those things that I worried about (usually through imagery) and then used relaxation strategies and coping strategies to deal with the excess worry

  4. They also gave me some SSRI anti anxiety medication called Zoloft.

This generalized anxiety disorder treatment has been useful for me.

Thanks for your article on generalized anxiety disorder...I didn't realize so many people suffered from this.

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