Goal Setting and Time Management

Goal setting and time management go hand in hand.

Every year millions of people set goals only to make the same New Year's resolution again the next year.

They make these goals with the greatest of intentions, but the main problem is that they set and forget their goals. Goal setting is an active process that requires daily and weekly monitoring.

Why is goal setting important for time management?

Goal setting helps to define your priorities, and time management ensures that you spend time on those priorities.

Goals help us to live a more effective and rewarding life, ensuring that we spend time on those things that are important to us, such as family, work, and health to name a few.

Goals ensure that we live a balanced life. Consider the example of Joe (not his real name), outwardly he was a successful businessman, who had climbed the ladder of success for the last 20 years.

Inwardly, he was unhappy, feeling that he had not watched his children grow up and his poor relationship with wife and few friends.

While Joe was efficient at his work, which had brought him outward success, his life balance was not great. He had spent 20 years climbing the ladder of success only to realize that the ladder was leaning up against the wrong building.

For this reason, time management and goal setting go hand in hand. Goal setting provides you with the steps to reach your dreams and time management ensures that your time is spent doing those things that move you towards your goals.

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