8 Holiday Stress Tips

Here we provide eight holiday stress tips. While the holidays are definitely enjoyable, they can also lead to high stress levels.

Whether you're in a financial bind or just can't stand the huge crowds and long lines, the holidays can take their toll. The only way to overcome this is by learning how to de-stress.

Here we provide tips for coping with holiday stress.

1. Planning

This is by far the most important part of the holidays, because those who don't plan are the ones being pulled in 50 different directions.

This means everything from how long you're shopping, how much you're spending on each person, and when you're going to wrap, cook, and have guests over will be crucial to your overall success.

Learning time management skills improve your overall planning at work and during the holidays.

2. Breathing for quick stress relief

Whenever you feel the stress levels rising then take the time to stop and have a few deep breaths. Breathing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to manage stress.

Here are several types of breathing techniques can quickly calm those nerves when you need it most.

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3. Listen to relaxing music

If you're at home cleaning and cooking, or out shopping and begin to feel stress; make sure you listen to some relaxing music somewhere in between.

In fact, it's probably one of the most popular options when people their stress levels rising.

Here we talk more about music and stress.

4. Get some sleep!

Sleep deprivation can cause all kinds of stress, especially if you're not getting any during the holidays.

If you're having a hard time falling asleep during the holidays then try some breathing techniques before bed. Then again; a nice warm bath could do the trick as well.

These natural sleep remedies and natural sleep aids can help you to get a better night's sleep.

5. Stay within your budget

A big reason why people become stressed over the holidays is because they go too far over their budget.

Always remember that it doesn't matter how much your gift is, but the meaning behind it.

If you feel you're about to go over your threshold then consider alternative presents that they will always remember.

One of the holiday stress tips for the person who has everything is to give them a gift basket. Relaxation gift baskets make the perfect gift!

6. Cut out the caffeine

This is one of the areas that often goes overlooked.

When the body is consumed by caffeine you end up feeling stressed. When you don't get enough you also feel stressed!

You can't win!

This always happens over the holidays, and you can either cut it out or make sure you have some emergency caffeine for the trip.

We prefer cutting it out, but it's something you have to do long before the holidays roll around.

7. Try some extracurricular activities

It might be hard to believe for some people, but a little sex can help alleviate some of that stress you're enduring.

Seriously, even if you stop for a "quickie" it can definitely bring those stress levels down.

8. Alleviate certain Situations

When it comes to holidays there is always someone who needs something.

It could be your brother needing a few extra bucks to purchase gifts, your mom needs help with the tree, or anything else that would fit these types of scenarios.

You will probably want to help everyone, but it's only going to add to your stress. The best thing to do is pick and choose what you want and CAN do. Here are some tips on learning how to say "No" and being assertive without being aggressive or passive-aggressive.

Just by taking advantage of these 8 tips you will learn how to de-stress during the holidays. However, if none of these seem to work there are plenty of more options at your disposal.

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