Japa Meditation

Japa meditation is another easy meditation technique that involves saying out loud a word that is meaningful and uplifting for you.

It is easier than meditations that require a silent repetition of a mantra.

Just visit the local sports ground - as you hear the fans chanting the name of their star or team, to experience the effect of this meditation technique.

It can be quite invigorating and uplifting.

This meditation technique involves you choosing a chant that is meaningful for you.

Many people choose a mantra or the word "God".

The important thing is that the word or mantra needs to be meaningful to you.

In most forms of Japa, 108 times is supposedly the magical number to chant your word. In many traditions these are counted by using prayer beads - each chant is one prayer bead.

Using this meditation you should feel more relaxed and focused. However, there are a number of other physical and psychological benefits.

Keeping your mind focused on the mantra, you gradually experience control of your mind. At the same time you will experience a welcoming sense of internal peacefulness.

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