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Learn hypnosis online is a professional course that sends you lessons, audio sessions, hypnosis worksheets and a free trance script. Wherever you are in the world you can learn professional hypnosis now.

If you have ever wanted to learn hypnosis then this hypnosis course is for you. But learning hypnosis is more than just increasing your knowledge of hypnosis. By learning hypnosis you gain insight into others, their emotions, and their behavior.

Hypnosis accesses, communicates and sends positive suggestions to the subconscious mind. As such hypnosis can provide insight into old patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behviour that are holding you back.

Hypnosis has been used:

  • lose weight and keep it off with hypnosis weight loss
  • quit smoking and stop the cravings with stop smoking hypnosis
  • break personal habits like nail biting
  • improve confidence maintain motivation
  • to reduce chronic pain or specific pain which hypnosis for pain management
  • remove phobias such as a fear of heights or a fear of flying
  • break down addictions
  • reduce anxiety with anxiety hypnosis
  • stop insomnia and nightmares

By learning hypnosis online you open yourself up to a world of learning about yourself and others.

Would you like to gain more confidence?

Be able to relax when you want?

Rid yourself or others of emotional problems?

Then learning hypnosis provides you with that opportunity.

In this free hypnosis course you are introduced to professional hypnosis that is used at HypnosisDownloads.

This five day hypnosis course sends you lessons every two days. In each lesson you receive:

  • MP3 audio files for download
  • hypnosis worksheets to support your hypnosis course
  • hypnosis exercises that reinforce the hypnosis training.

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