Main Causes of Stress

The main causes of stress include job stress, financial stress, relationship problems, overwhelming family responsibilities, and daily hassles.

But stress is also caused by the way that you view the stressor.

Stress can be caused by:

  • life events such as divorce, the death of a spouse, or losing a job
  • environmental changes such as changes in temperature, overwork, or unresolved problems
  • the expectations that you place on yourself and others place on you

Some of the main causes of stress were examined in the 1960s by stress researchers Holmes and Rahe who developed the Social Readjustment and Rating Scale.

In this stress scale they identified a relationship between stress and illness.

Does stress affect your overall health? It sure does.

However, the correlational design of this study makes it impossible to identify a causal relationship between stress and illness.

But medical professionals estimate that stress is implicated in roughly 70-80% of doctor and hospital visits.

A more recent stress questionnaire based on the Holmes and Rahe scale was developed in 1997.

But what causes stress is not just unpleasant events like divorce or losing a job. Having a baby or marriage are also substantial events that can create disruption and lead to stress.

Other studies and stress research indicate that some of the main causes of stress in today's society are:

  1. Money problems and financial stress. Are you stressed about money? Are debts piling up and are you worried about how you are going to pay your next bill?

    Financial stress is a significant cause of stress.

    Here are some tips to reduce your financial stress.

  2. Workplace stress. One of the main causes of stress is overwork and fatigue and workplace stress is on the rise!

    Whether it is the crunching deadlines, bullying behavior of your boss, or petty office politics, you don't have to be passive regarding the effects of stress.

    Here are some resources to reduce stress at work:

    Warning Signs of Work-related Stress. Work stress can lead to stress-related illnesses. What are some of the warning signs of job stress and some tips to beat stress at work?

    Causes of Job Stress. Here the six main causes of workplace stress are discussed and strategies are presented that you can use to reduce stress at work.

    Reduce Stress at Work. Work is a major cause of stress for many people. These stress management techniques reduce job stress.

    Are You at Risk of Job Burnout? If you suffer from chronic stress at work, feel exhausted, and are fed up with work, then you may be experiencing job burnout.

  3. Family stress. Arguments with your spouse, misbehaving children, or your dog has eaten your slippers...all can lead to increased family stress.

    Families are a source of great joy and great stress.

    Here are some family stress management tips to get more out of family life.

While external events are the main causes of stress, there is another school of thought on this stress topic.

That school of thought believes that it is how you view the cause of stress that influences the stress that you feel.

Have you noticed that some people are immune to stress while others may be sent into a cycle of increasing stress?

This is because how you view the cause of stress influences your stress levels.

For example, some people may enjoy public speaking because they see it as a chance to show the world their knowledge or it gives them a chance to express their passion. However, others may be terrified and debilitated by public speaking anxiety.

This simple example suggests that the cause of stress is not the same for all people.

If you remember, the definition of stress suggests that stress is in the eye of the beholder.

So a main cause of stress is due to how you view the stressor.

Based on the definition of stress, if you choose to view the cause of stress in a positive way then you will feel less stress.

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