Mindful Meditation Exercises

There are many mindful meditation techniques.

Mindful breathing is one of the easier ones. This breathing meditation reduces stress and promotes health.

In this article we look at:

  • what is mindfulness meditation of the breath
  • tips for practicing mindfulness meditation
  • other exercises you can do.

For thousands of years Eastern cultures have been practicing mindfulness meditation.

Today many people are recognizing the benefits that mindfulness has in reducing stress and anxiety and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

In today’s world there are so many things going on.

The Internet, the cell phone, and email all clamor for your attention, distracting you, and making it hard for you to focus.

Mindfulness techniques are about training that focus.

Rather than focusing on the past or the future, mindfulness cultivates an awareness of the 'here and now.'

What is mindful meditation of the breath?

Just the other day I bought myself a puppy.

The puppy was not toilet-trained.

So here I was trying to teach my puppy to do his thing on the paper.

The puppy wandered off, and I brought him back to the paper.

Again and again… he wandered off and I brought him back to the paper...

Well mindful meditation of the breath is a little bit the same!

Each time that you notice your mind wandering off track, gently bring your focus back to the mindful meditation of the breath.

Each time you notice your mind wander is an opportunity to practice mindful meditation.

Do this for 5 minutes one day....perhaps 10 minutes the next day and 15 or 20 the next day.

It is always better to do a little meditation than none.

Mindfulness Meditation Tip

Each opportunity represents a chance to practice mindfulness.

Whether you are sitting at work, traveling home, waiting for an appointment, each moment is a chance to bring your awareness to the present.

Try to bring your focus to your breathing.

Feel the inhale and the exhale through your nose. Note each time that your mind wanders off the breath and then gently bring it back.

Each time you notice your mind wandering off the breath (as it surely will) is an opportunity to practice bringing your focus back to the present.

Tips for practicing mindful meditation of the breath

mindful meditation

  1. I find that bringing the awareness of the breath to the feeling of air passing in and out of my nose creates a greater sense of awareness.

    Alternatively, you can bring your focus to the expansion and contraction of the stomach.

  2. As a society we are goal-orientated. Try to approach your meditation with as few expectations as possible.
  3. Many of my clients tell me that they can’t meditate because they get distracted.

    They may dwell on the past or worry about the future.

    I remind them that distractions represent an opportunity to bring your mind back to the breathing.

    Each time they notice their mind wandering off is a time to congratulate themselves and then gently bring the mind back to the breath.

Other relaxation exercises

There are a number of other breathing and relaxation techniques that you can use to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Here are some relaxation techniques: