Natural Sleep Aids to Get a Better Nights Sleep

Can't sleep? These natural sleep aids help you to get a better night’s sleep. Insomnia, sleeplessness and other signs of restlessness during bedtimes is a problem faced by millions of people.

Tranquilizers, downers and sleeping pills are popular among many of these individuals - but these come with side-effects.

Before trying out these natural sleep aids we recommend that you consult your doctor as some sleep problems such as insomnia can be a symptom of other medical problems such as depression and heart disease.

Scientific studies and anecdotal evidence has supported these natural sleep aids which include

  • herbal remedies such as valerian
  • natural sleep remedies to associate bed with sleep rather than sleeplessness,
  • relaxation techniques to unwind, and
  • healthy lifestyle.

Herbal remedies

The most popular herb as a sleeping aid is valerian, which has long been known as a cure for insomnia. Its beneficial effect is to stimulate the production of the calming neurotransmitter called GABA, thus, encouraging sleep.

Unlike sleeping pills, it does not cause side effects like grogginess, nausea and addiction in the person.

Valerian should be taken at least an hour before bedtime although 2-3 weeks is the minimum time before the effects can be enjoyed. You must not take valerian with sedatives, antihistamines and other medications that depress the central nervous system.

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These recipes for valerian tea and valerian bath help you to get a better nights sleep.

Other herbs, among others include:

  • chamomile,
  • passionflower,
  • hops,
  • lavender,
  • and lemon balm.

It is good advice to consult with your doctor and with a herbalist to determine if these herbs are suitable for your case since not every natural compound is safe in all instances.

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Relaxation techniques for a better nights sleep

One of the common signs of stress is excess tension.

You will also benefit from relaxation techniques that obviously lessen the tensions, stresses and pressures of the mind and body. By reducing stress and anxiety you are then better able to enjoy better sleep for a longer period of time.

These relaxation techniques include:

1. Creative visualization. A good way to start is with guided imagery meditation in which you imagine a relaxing scene while engaging all the senses during the visualization process.

The right music and lights help in encouraging the sense of relaxation as well. Guided imagery has been used to reduce the impact of a tension headache and also lower high blood pressure.

2. Relaxation yoga techniques. Yoga involves restful meditation, diaphragmatic breathing and body stretching, all of which combine to relax the mind and body. Studies have proven that doing daily yoga for 8 weeks improves on the quantity and quality of sleep time.

If you've never tried yoga before then don't are some basic hatha yoga poses that you can do today.

3. Meditation techniques. Meditation such as mindfulness meditation can relax the body and mind for a better nights sleep.

Healthy lifestyle

Of course, insomnia and other forms of sleep disorders can be traced to the unhealthy state of the body.

You will observe that doctors and other health experts recommend lifestyle changes to encourage good sleeping patterns and, in the process, pave the way for a healthier body and mind.

The following are the most useful tips in this regard:

  • eliminate the caffeine from coffee, tea and soda in the diet. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, thus, causing restlessness, among other symptoms.
  • avoid eating sweets including candies, chocolates and cakes especially before bedtime. Instead, we recommend eating small carbohydrate snacks like whole grain crackers to stimulate melatonin production.
  • add foods rich in magnesium, which is a natural sedative. Cashews, almonds and legumes are good choices.

You must also exercise since it lessens the physical stress of the body, thus, promoting better sleep. Just make sure not to exercise before bedtime.

Indeed, you have so many natural sleep aids to combat sleeplessness and other signs of insomnia. Your body and mind will be healthier, too, if you choose these methods. You can then sleep better at night knowing that you are as healthy as can be.

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