Natural Sleep Remedies to Get a Better Night's Sleep

These natural sleep remedies help you to get a better night's sleep. According to a recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation roughly 48 percent of Americans report insomnia occasionally.

Over-the-counter drugs to get you to sleep can be addictive and with bad side-effects. Before you rush off to the drug store you could try these natural sleep remedies:

  • create a bedtime routine that prepares your mind and body for sleep
  • set the atmosphere for sleep
  • sleep on a bed that is comfortable for you
  • use your bedroom only for sleep and sex

  • promote relaxation with aromatherapy, herbal teas, the color of your room, and other natural sleep aids.

Prepare your mind and body for sleep

If you are suffering from sleep difficulties there are many little things that you can do.

A bedtime routine prepares your mind and body for sleep. A routine sends a signal to relax and unwind.

There are some important steps to establishing your bedtime routine. Some of these include:

1. Set a regular schedule. This involves keeping a regular sleep schedule in which you go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.

It may be difficult to keep to this schedule on the weekends in which you want to go to bed later and get up earlier, but it is important to try to maintain sleep schedules.

2. Maintain a regular relaxing time before bed. What do you find relaxing? Is soaking in a hot bath relaxing for you. If a soothing bath with a natural anti-anxiety herb sounds good then this valerian bath or lavender bath may be great natural sleep remedies.

What about reading a bood or listening to music relaxing for you.

Why is this important?

A relaxing routine before bed creates a boundary between the demands and stress of the day and your sleep time.

If you are unable to find a way to relax yourself before bed then it may be useful to try these relaxation techniques or learn a relaxation exercise from a trained expert.

Reading a relaxing book may help some people settle down to that relaxed mode, but it isn't for everyone.

Once you have established a successful bedtime routine, you need to stick to it.

The repetitive activities will get your body clock in the right time zone.

When you begin your bedtime routine, you will eventually see that your body is beginning to relax as you start your planned activities.

Do you have any sleep tips. Please share with us and our readers here.

It is also important to reduce stress throughout the day as an anxious mind can mean that you go on a merry-go-round of thoughts that stop you from sleeping. Some ways to manage stress include these stress reducers.

Set the atmosphere for sleep

Once your routine is established, you need to get your bedroom comfortable and conducive to a good nights sleep.

Your bedroom should be free of distractions that would other stimulate you. This means removing the TV, checking your room for noise, and excess light.

Bedrooms should be dark for sleep.

Light can be disruptive and give your body the wake-up signals during your normal sleeping hours.

Some people can tolerate an eye mask to obtain total darkness. They will block out any ambient light.

If you cannot tolerate the mask, room darkening shades or curtains will help.

Noise may be a problem for you and sometimes you can't do much to stop your partner snoring or the sound of cars on the road outside. If this is the case then consider ear plugs or white noise music.

If you are sensitive to climatic changes, you may want to purchase a humidifier for your bedroom. A humid environment is more conducive to sleep than a dry atmosphere.

Sleep on a bed that is comfortable for you

Consider your bed as a possible problem for your sleep difficulties.

How long does it take for you to get comfortable in your bed?

Do your blankets keep you at a comfortable heat level?

Does your pillow conform to your posture?

All of these things can contribute to a better night's sleep.

The life expectancy of a good mattress is about 10 years...does yours exceed this?

Use your bedroom only for sleep and sex

Your bedroom should be just your bedroom. It should not be your office, your television room, or any other activity room.

What you want to do is to strengthen the association between your bedroom and sleep.

Anything that causes you stress or anxiety in your bedroom is a potential item to be removed. So if looking at your clock causes you anxiety then consider moving it to another room.

Anxiety throughout the day can also mean that your thoughts are hard to rein in. Natural sleep remedies may include these healthy ways for dealing with stress throughout the day.

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