Neurofeedback for Stress Relief

Neurofeedback (or EEG biofeedback) is a learning technique that leads to changes in brain wave patterns.

It can give you the mental edge to respond to stress in an appropriate manner.

Do you want to improve performance but feel that something is holding you back?

Do you want to respond to stress differently?

If so, then EEG biofeedback could be beneficial for you.

What is EEG biofeedback

Based on our definition of stress, stress occurs as a result of external circumstances, such as deadlines or general workload; and internal mechanisms such as worries about money. Similarly stress can be a result of feelings of physical pain.

This means that there are two ways to deal with stress.

One is to change the situation causing you stress, or to change the way that you respond to stress.

EEG biofeedback gives the individual the mental skills to respond and adapt appropriately to stress.

So it is sort of developing an exercise model for the brain.

As Deborah Stokes, a clinical EEG biofeedback practitioner observes - "It's like weight training at the gym. I mean, I go to the gym and lift weights, but I don't look a lot different but I feel better."

Experts don't know exactly why EEG biofeedback works.

However, EEG biofeedback has been used for migraine headache relief, and the treatment of depression and ADHD. Even some professional athletes have used it to help them focus and perform better in their sport.

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