Phobia treatment: Common self help stratgies to combat phobias

by Kell

In addition to therapy and/or medication , there are a number of strategies that you may be able to use to overcome your fears or phobias.

Educate yourself about phobias. Phobias affect about 19.2 million adult Americans. So they are not quite common. Furthermore the vast majority of people who seek treatment successfully overcome their phobia.

Challenge your negative thinking. It is important if you can identify some of the threatening thoughts that are associated with your phobia.

For example you may have the fear thought “The plane will crash!” .

This can be replaced by a more rational thought such as “I have flown many times and it is have happened. Statistically this is a very safe form of traveling."

Develop your relaxation techniques. Deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation techniques and progressive muscle relaxation are ways that you can promote the relaxation response which counters the stress response that can develop into overall increases in anxiety and proneness to anxiety attacks.

Regularly practicing relaxation exercises gives you the skills to quickly relax yourself, and in most cases you can use these techniques when confronted with your phobia.

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