Positive thinking and positive mental attitude - reframe my thoughts for stress relief

by Lesley

When I am faced with a situation that is stressful for me I use a positive mental attitude or positive thinking to reduce my stress. I do this by trying to re-frame the situation. For example, "I don't like my job" and instead of focusing on the negative situation I have tried to look for the positive aspects of the job. For example, there are many things I actually do like about my job, such as my coworkers and the feeling of self confidence it gives me.

I have found that in challenging situations I try to look for the positive things and then focus on these rather than staying on the negative side of things.

I find that this really helps with my stress relief.


Hi Lesley,
Thanks for your great stress management technique. Job stress is one of the biggest forms of stress.

What you are highlighting Lesley is that our thought processes can impact on how we feel. Often our thoughts can influence emotions and behavior. While you are not necessarily controlling the situation you are controlling how you respond to the situation. You are making the choice to think and look for positive situations.

This positive mental attitude promotes stress relief. I also write more about using positive thinking to reduce stress.

All the best

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Oct 15, 2015
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Jun 01, 2015
positive attitudes NEW
by: jessica

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