Progressive Relaxation CDs, DVDs and mp3 Downloads

Progressive relaxation techniques are a roadmap from inner tension to relaxation. These progressive muscle relaxation downloads will relax your mind and counter the effects of stress.

Progressive muscle relaxation should take about 20 minutes and can be used:

  • to promote relaxation
  • to complement autogenic training
  • with focused breathing
  • for getting to sleep and having a restful sleep
  • to decrease anxiety and anger
  • as a guided relaxation process.

Because progressive muscle relaxation reduces the effects of stress and promotes relaxation there are many health benefits.

Progressive muscle relaxation has been used to

  • To reduce jaw pain, in particular TMJ

PMR has also been used as part of treatment strategies for depression, stress and anxiety, and anger management.

My colleagues and I have also used PMR to aid relaxation and performance in sport and other areas, such as public speaking.

Other stress management techniques through relaxation

A powerful way to counter stress is to practice easy relaxation techniques that are proven stress busters.

Here are some effective stress management techniques that you can use today:

Breathing for relaxation. A simple and effective way to combat stress is through deep breathing exercises.

Once you learn these breathing and relaxation techniques you can use them at work, at home or just about anywhere.

Mindful meditation. This mindful meditation technique is a great stress reducer.

I do this mindful meditation every morning and find that it reduces stress and cultivates a deeper sense of being in the "here and now."

Hatha yoga. Yoga exercises are being taken up all over the world to promote health and relaxation. These hatha yoga poses are basic yoga poses that reduce stress and increase your overall health and well-being.

If you liked this progressive relaxation music then you may also like this progressive muscle relaxation script.

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