Setting Goals For Your Success

Setting goals is the bridge between today’s dreams and tomorrow’s reality.

Sometimes when you think big it can all seem so daunting and in the distant future.

This is why we provide you with a goal setting worksheet - to transform your dream goals into more achievable short-term goals which you can start working on today.

Picture your long-term goal as being the top of a ladder - each step you take up the ladder is a short-term goal.

setting goals

Accomplishing a short-term goal is a step in the direction of your long-term goal.

When you set goals, you can use this goal setting worksheet for setting financial goals, career goals, and health and fitness goals.

This goal setting template can be used for any goals that you may have.

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Write down your long-term goal and then the short term goals that you will achieve in the next month to achieve your long term goal.

Your short term goal probably looks a lot more manageable now.

When setting short-term goals it is important to set SMART goals

SMART goals have been shown to maximize goal setting success.

Once transformed your long term goals into focused short-term goals on the goal setting worksheet the next step is to create an action plan.

An action plan is instills daily patterns.

Plan your objectives and action steps to your goals on this action plan.

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