Overcome Speech Anxiety with Hypnosis

I used to suffer terrible speech anxiety. I would plan for weeks...preparing the best presentation.

Then I would stand up on the podium, or present to colleagues and BANG.

Dry mouth, sweaty palms, and a blank mind....

What the heck happened?

I followed all the rules...I prepared well, I knew my audience, and had some great examples and metaphors that really painted a picture of what I was saying.

But giving a speech in front of people was still a nightmare!

Every fiber of my body was telling me to run away but I had to resist my instinctual response and present. What's more my audience had expectations of an eloquent and informed speech....an almost impossible task.

Would you like to:

  • be able to speak in front of large audiences without being nervous
  • become more effective in meetings
  • remain focused as you articulate your point
  • not be paralyzed by public speaking fear
  • actually enjoy presenting to others.

One way to reduce this instinctual fight or flight response is to re-educate your unconscious mind around speech anxiety.

This hypnosis banishes public speaking fear and retrains your brain so that you don't fear public speaking and actually enjoy presenting to others.

Now public speaking is fun for me. Whether it is a best man's speech, giving a lecture, or presenting in front of co-workers, I actually enjoy public speaking and presenting my ideas to others.

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Thanks for your speech anxiety hypnosis. I found it really helpful as a musician who has to play and talk in front of crowds. Before I used to be a …

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