Stress Ball to Squeeze Your Stress Away

Are you looking for a stress ball to squeeze your stress away.

Look no further. Here are the latest stress relief toys that allow you to ease the effects of stress and frustration with a Smile!

Why use a stress relief ball?

This stress relief toy is generally used to relieve stress and also to ease muscle tension. It fits in the palm of the hand and can also be used to increase the strength of your muscles in your hand.

Whenever you make a fist your muscles tense in your hand and when you release your grip your muscles relax. This muscle relaxation method can be used with or without a stress relief ball, but the ball gives you something to focus on….which can be useful.

Many stress relief balls are simply foam rubber, while others may contain gel-like substances.

While stress relief balls imply that they are spherical, it appears the great majority are not. Stress relief balls these days come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many of these stress relief toys are used as

  • promotional stress toys that have the company logo
  • personalized stress relief balls with faces, animals, and other pictures
  • stress relief balls with smiley faces on them
  • talking stress relief balls that say ‘Relax’
  • vibrating balls

Stress relief balls can be purchased or they can be made by you.

Some suggestions for making a stress relief ball include filling a balloon with rice, salt, sand, or small beans. Make sure that you use a funnel to fill the balloons, otherwise you will have trouble getting the rice, salt, sand, or beans into the balloon.

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