Stress in College

Many students experience stress in college.

As a lecturer at university I see first-hand how college stress can affect student’s lives.

stress in college
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For example, too much college stress can result in poorer grades, feelings of being overwhelmed and depressive symptoms such as helplessness and hopelessness.

For many students, college is a new way of life they must adapt to.

This lifestyle change often results in new demands, such as juggling an academic life with work, and a social life.

In addition, new friends and the pressure to get a good grade can lead to college stress.

For students, two of the greatest stressors are a lack of time (or study habits) and test anxiety.

With many competing demands on student’s time, students can often feel overwhelmed with their course load. As a result, they may rush around ticking off the things that they do, but not really enjoying the trip of achieving their goals.

In this case, developing a semester plan and then work your plan is a way to get off this treadmill of putting out fires, and gaining control of your time.

See this student time management course for 7 free lessons which are sent to your Inbox. This student time management course will provide you with a semester and weekly planner and exercises that you can use to improve your student time management.

In addition to a lack of time, students often suffer from test anxiety. This test anxiety can result in poorer study habits and poorer grades.

We talk more about this type of performance anxiety and the steps that you can take to get control of your test anxiety.

Stress in college can be managed a number of ways. Some other alternatives may include various relaxation techniques. Some students may think that they don’t have time to do these relaxation techniques, my response (which may appear paradoxical) is that it is because of this lack of time that you need to practice these relaxation techniques.

Alternatively, students can use college gyms or tracks to exercise. College stress can result in a build of stress products and exercise is a great way to use them up

If you think that stress in college is a problem, then visit a medical professional to discuss your options.

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