Stress Questionnaire: Take a stress test today

This stress questionnaire is based on the Holmes and Rahe Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS).

The Holmes and Rahe stress test was developed in 1967 and is probably one of the most used stress tests.

This stress test contains 30 of the original stress test questions plus 44 more specific events.

Developed in 1997, this stress quiz is more up-to-date than the famous SRRS.

In this stress questionnaire all events are assigned a Life Changing Unit (LCU) based on their degree of disruption to one's life and the following re-adjustment.


Life change event


   An injury or illness which:
      kept you in bed a week or more, or sent you to the hospital74
      was less serious than above44
   Major dental work26
   Major change in eating habits27
   Major change in sleeping habits26
   Major change in your usual type and/or amount of recreation28
   Change to a new type of work51
   Change in your work hours or conditions35
   Change in your responsibilities at work:
      more responsibilities29
      fewer responsibilities21
   Troubles at work:
      with your boss29
      with coworkers35
      with persons under your supervision35
      other work troubles28
   Major business adjustment60
   Loss of job:
      laid off from work68
      fired from work79
   Correspondence course to help you in your work18
Home and family
   Major change in living conditions42
   Change in residence:
      move within the same town or city25
      move outside the same town or city47
   Change in family get-togethers25
   Major change in health or behavior of family member55
   Miscarriage or abortion65
   Gain of a new family member:
      birth of a child66
      adoption of a child65
      a relative moving in with you59
   Spouse beginning or ending work46
   Child leaving home:
      to attend college 41
      due to marriage41
      for other reasons45
   Change in arguments with spouse50
   In-law problems38
   Change in the marital status of your parents:
   Separation from spouse:
      due to work53
      due to marital problems76
   Birth of grandchild43
   Death of spouse119
   Death of other family member:

      brother or sister102
Personal and social
   Change in personal habits26
   Beginning or ending school or college38
   Change of school or college35
   Change in political beliefs24
   Change in religious beliefs29
   Change in social activities27
   New, close, personal relationship37
   Engagement to marry45
   Girlfriend or boyfriend problems39
   "Falling out" of a close personal relationship47
   An accident48
   Minor violation of the law20
   Being held in jail75
   Death of a close friend70
   Major decision regarding your immediate future51
   Major personal achievement36
   Major change in finances:
      increased income38
      decreased income60
      investment and/or credit difficulties56
   Loss or damage of personal property43
   Moderate purchase20
   Major purchase37
   Foreclosure on a mortgage or loan58
Source: M.A Miller and R. H. Rahe. Life Changes in the 1990's, Journal of Psychosomatic Research 43:279, 1997

Six month totals equal to or greater than 300 LCU, or 1 year totals equal to or greater than 500 LCU are considered indicative of high recent life stress.

It is important to note that when you take this stress questionnaire high LCU scores are not indicative of someone who is stressed as what causes stress for one person may be different for another.

But if you notice that, as your take the stress test, there some common areas of stress then it may be worth looking at some of the biggest causes of stress that include:

Currently one of the main causes of stress is overwork and fatigue.

Another main cause of stress is adapting to change, uncertainty, and unrealistic expectations.

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