Fun Stress Relief Toys

Fun stress relief toys can turn that frown upside down! Are you looking for a simple and effective way to reduce stress. Stress toys may be the answer!

Are you tense and frustrated?

Overwhelmed and pressured?

Life and stress go hand in hand and the key is finding a way to relieve that stress.

Stress relief toys force you to focus on something other than the stress you are feeling. So they can short-circuit stress and even provide you with a way to relax.

For example, puzzles like the Rubik's Cube can provide many hours of relaxation...if you know how to do it! But for others if may be frustrating and another stress toy may be better.

Each person has their own favorite stress toy...the important thing is that it needs to relieve stress and tension for you!

Stress toys are a fun way to reduce stress and tension so it is a no-brainer that purchasing a stress toy is a good idea.

However, the selection of stress relief toys is vast and can leave you even more stressed!

Here we provide a selection of stress toys that you can choose from.

Puzzles as stress toys

Puzzles and other types of stress reliever toys are also available. Puzzles focus the mind on something other than stress. A puzzle that is challenging but not too difficult is the key for stress relief.

Too easy and the puzzle is boring...too difficult and the puzzle is frustrating. Finding a puzzle that works depends on the personality of the person that will be the recipient.

If puzzles aren't for you then stress balls and other stress relief toys may be beneficial.

Share with us what stress toys have worked for you.

Anti-stress balls

That boring conference call or long-winded meeting....perfect for a stress relief toy like a stress ball.

Squeezable stress toys are helpful when you notice your signs of stress and are looking for a way to work off that excess tension. Stress balls are one of the most popular stress toys.

Slinkys and other stress toys

Slinky just might be the number one stress reliever toy of all time. I have played with Slinkys all my life and find them hard to put down.

Some of them are small enough to put in your pocket and provide great relief.

Other toys that fall into the stretching category are the popular rubber chicken or the clown with the arms and legs you can twist into a variety of shapes to amuse yourself.

Any of these will take the edge off your stress for a few minutes.

Share with us what stress toys have worked for you.

Zen rock garden

Do you find that when you get stressed your mind gets cluttered and it is hard to rein in your thoughts. Clear your mind of chaos with this ancient stress reliever.

The Zen rock garden can fit on your desk and you can arrange the rocks, sand and other artifacts into an arrangement that gives you the relief you need. You can rake the sand and make mountains and valleys.

It is a lot like gardening, which is a great stress relieving activity that complements other stress reducers. Keep the garden on your desk and move things around at will. You will find your friends will soon be looking for one for each of their own desks.

Relaxation gift baskets

Stressed about deadlines and overwhelming responsibilities. Are you in need of some self-care?

Pampering yourself like a king or queen soothes your muscles and is a great way for dealing with stress.

Aromatherapy bubble baths, candles or bath salts in a relaxing fragrance such as lavender all make the perfect way to pamper yourself or the ideal gift for the person who has everything.

Relaxation gift baskets with lavender and other soothing herbs can also be one of those perfect natural sleep remedies if you are stressed out and encountering sleep difficulties.

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Have A Great Stress Relief Toy?

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