A Task List is a Simple and Effective Time Management Tool

A task list (or To Do List) is one of the most important time management tools.

Do you find that you forget things?

Do you not get through the important things you have to do?

Are you spinning your wheels and going nowhere?

If so, then a To Do List could be beneficial for you.

I find that a To Do List enables you to get things out of your head and onto paper – this in itself is reduces stress.

However a task list is also prioritized so that you can ensure that you do your top priorities first.

The advantage of this that “you won’t be spinning your wheels and going nowhere!”. Instead, you will work on tasks throughout the day that are important to you and move you towards your work/personal goals.

Download your To Do List here.

There are a number of ways to prioritize a list, and the one that I like is the A, B C method.

Write down all the tasks that you want to do today.

Now next to each task put an A, B, or C. A is for important tasks, B for less important tasks, and C for non-important tasks.

By concentrating on your A tasks you ensure that you get the most important things done first. These are the big rocks of your day!

Then you can focus on tasks that are of medium importance, the B tasks.

You will probably find that you may not get through your B and C tasks in a day. This is OK, as you have done the most important jobs which move you towards your work/personal goals.

If you find that you are regularly not getting through your tasks, then it may be time to delegate some of your jobs to others, or to consider dropping some of the C tasks from your list.

Keeping a task list means that you won’t forget what you have to do and you can get the stuff that you have to do out of your head and onto paper.

But perhaps more importantly, you focus your time on tasks with high returns that move you towards your goals.

For more information on using time management at work to reduce stress, try:

  • This time management tool to calculate how much your time is worth.
  • Download an activity log to examine where you could use your time more effectively.
  • Use one of the most effective but least used tool of time management, delegation.

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