Time Management Activity to Boost Personal Effectiveness

I find that this time management activity can be an eye opener for how you spend your time

If you find that you get to the end of the day realize that you have not got through half of the things that you have to get through, then this time management skill could be beneficial to you.

The first step to this activity is to download and fill out a time log. Your personal time log can be downloaded here.

A time log will highlight many different ways that you can improve your time effectiveness.

For example, do you work hard but feel that you simply don’t get the things done that are important to you? A time log will show you how you can devote more time to higher priority tasks.

After filling out your time log, you may find that you are often getting distracted by mundane and routine tasks, constant interruptions or jumping from one crisis to another.

Keeping track of your time will highlight what your biggest time wasters are. For example, some of the common findings when people fill out a time log are that they procrastinate and spend more time on the phone and email than they intended to.

While these may be essential for your job or lifestyle, they can increase your stress and result in poorer quality of work, if these internal or external distractions stop you from doing your highest priority tasks.

Knowing how you spend your time can means that you can target your time management in ways that are most effective for you.

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