Time Management Worksheet

This time management worksheet will identify your time wasters and ways to use your time more effectively.

If you already know the value of your time, then this time management activity will enable you determine which tasks on your worksheet is a good return or a poor return on your investment of time.

In this time management activity you need to record all the activities that you do.

Download your time management worksheet and do this time management activity for the next few days.

For any change in activity note it down in your time management log in the relevant columns.

Why is this a good time management activity?

Well if you think about the last time you budgeted for your household finances. You probably wrote down what you were spending your money on and how much you could save from the outgoing expenses.

Well this time management activity is quite similar.

When I have done this with clients, some people were shocked at how much time they were spending on the phone or doing mundane tasks, when more important tasks could be done.

What I have also found is that by filling out this time management log that you will also identify various time wasters in your day. Perhaps it is surfing the web or long (and not productive or effective) conversations on the phone.

Time wasters are those tasks which take your time but do not move you toward your personal or work goals.

This time management activity will identify whether you are putting your time to good use. Furthermore, if you have calculated the value of your time at work, then you will also be able to identify which tasks are a good return on your investment.

It is important not to be too ruthless here, but simply to become aware of how you spend your time – there are other considerations such as social outcomes of being a good team player or work colleague to consider.

However, top candidates for delegation or dropping tasks are those that have a low return on time invested.

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