Do Your Top Priorities With a To Do List

A to do list can help you manage the work that you have to do.

Do you feel overwhelmed, with too much to do and too little time? If so you are not alone.

However, a to-do list can help you to prioritize the tasks that you have to do. It allows you to take significant steps towards your goals rather than 'spinning your wheels and going nowhere'.

A prioritized to-do list focuses you on the important tasks, while the least important are the last things that you do.

A task list’s effectiveness is in its simplicity. While a prioritized to-do list is simple and easy, it is one of the time management tools that really make an impact on your success.

I live and breathe my to-do list. It allows me to capture all the tasks that I have to do in one place - on the paper and out of my head.

Having the to-do list on paper, rather than in your head, allows you to free up mental space, boosts your organization, and motivates you to achieve you tasks.

Download your to-do list here.

To start with your to-do list, either look at your weekly plan or simply write down everything that you need to do today.

If the task is big, then try to break it down into smaller parts. To-do lists work best when the tasks are small and specific.

Look over your list of tasks, and then group them into A's, B's or C's. A's are the most important tasks, B's are somewhat important and C's are not very important.

For all the A's put a number next to them, with the most important starting from 1.

Do the same for the B and the C tasks.

With your list of A tasks, start with the task that has the number 1. Then move through all the A's in order of importance.

Then start with the B's. You may find that you are unable to get through all the B's or the C's - but at least you managed to get through your top priorities.

Note: For some of your most important tasks which you listed with an A, you probably had some urgent tasks in there. While it is difficult to ignore urgent tasks, see how proactive time management can ensure that you aren't on the treadmill of putting out crises.

Your prioritized to do list increases your reliability, focuses you on the most important jobs and stops you from getting stressed from all the unimportant tasks.

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