Travel stress and long wait times

by Jacob

I find it stressful with the long wait lines when I am traveling and my stress goes through the roof when I have my kids with me as they quickly get bored and frustrated.

This type of holiday stress can really put a dampener on your holidays before they have even started.

I have found that the best thing is to prepare. I bring my computer and DVDs so that it keeps me and the kids entertained.

To reduce long wait times in the first place though I have found that traveling early in the morning, outside of peak times also helps to reduce long wait times.

While 6am may not be the most user-friendly time to travel it has been a good way for coping with stress.

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Jan 25, 2011
Reduce Travel Stress
by: Kell

Thanks for your post Jacob. Being prepared with DVDs is a great way to deal with long wait lines.

I have also found a deck of cards and a good card game to be really beneficial to reduce the boredom of long wait lines.

From a stress management point of view there are also a number of other things that you can do to cope with travel stress. These include:

  • doing some deep breathing exercises. Here are several breathing exercises which are a great way to reduce stress and relax your mind and body

  • use some simple meditation techniques and repeat words like "relax" to bring calm and tranquility in the face of stress

  • use relaxing imagery. These guided imagery meditation paints a picture of a relaxing scene that you will soon be enjoying on your travels

  • accept the situation if there is little that you can do about it. Accept the things that you can't control and "go with the flow."

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