Healthy Ways to Manage Stress

These healthy ways to manage stress gives you the tools to take control of stress today. Too much stress can also be very detrimental to your health, making you vulnerable to chronic illnesses like heart disease, depression or diabetes.

The effects of stress can be seen in practically all areas of your life. Stress affects your mood, your performance on the job, and your relationships with others.

According to the American Psychological Association approximately 75% of Americans report experiencing stress levels that go above and beyond what they define as healthy or manageable.

To combat stress you have a variety of ways to manage stress and you must take advantage of them on a regular basis to manage stress effectively and reduce the likelihood of negative consequences.

Here we provide you with healthy ways to manage stress.

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Practicing Time Management

In today's world of quicker response times, 24/7 communication, and information overload, feeling pressured by a lack of time is a significant cause of stress.

If this resonates with you then time management may be one of the most effective ways to manage stress for you.

Time management resources can help you plan your weeks and days before they become unmanageable. For example, you can buy a regular notebook planner or calendar.

If you're a computer user, you can take advantage of free calendars built into email programs.

If you carry a Smartphone or Blackberry you can simply tap the screen to load your calendar and add and delete entries. When using your calendar to make time blocks for each commitment, you can make sure that you leave plenty of time to get from "point A" to "point B" and finish each task on time.

Learning time management skills focuses you on your high value activities and enable you to take control and reduce stress.

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Taking care of your body

A crucial part of staying healthy and managing stress is to also take care of your body.

This can often be a difficult thing to do, especially if you're busy and constantly on time-crunches, which ultimately means that you must make a conscious decision to take care of yourself.

For example, a loss of sleep contributes to the stress that takes a toll on our bodies. Instead of working late, you must make a conscious decision to go to bed earlier and get a full night's rest.

This may involve examining your bedtime routines, adjusting your sleep hygiene, or using natural sleep remedies to get a better night's sleep.

In addition to sleep, regular exercise and a proper diet can help lower and manage the stress you feel.

Physical exercise is a great way for dealing with stress. It uses the excess muscle tension which is a physical symptom of stress and promotes your production of endorphins, the body's "feel good" chemical.

In addition, exercise also naturally increases your energy and can improve your overall mood and lower high blood pressure.

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Taking the positive approach

Another way to manage stress is to remove the negative thinking from your personal life.

You might be inclined to blow the negative aspects of a situation out of proportion while filtering or minimizing the good. Or you'll anticipate the worst before an event happens.

To combat these ways of thinking, you need to consciously stop yourself during the day to examine your thoughts and find ways to put a positive spin on them. For some negative events, especially minor ones, you need to allow yourself to find the humor and give yourself a chance to smile or laugh.

Resources that enable you to put a positive spin on situations include:

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Taking part in activities that promote relaxation naturally lowers stress levels. There are several of these activities, including meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization and autogenic relaxation.

Or your favorite relaxing activity can work as a stress-reliever as well, such as listening to music, getting a massage or practicing yoga.

Here are some of the best ways to relax.

As you continually engage in these different types of relaxing exercises, you'll notice a definite difference in the way your body responds to stressful situations.

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Stress may be a definite cause for concern for many people in the world, but this does not mean that you must let it take over your life, allowing it to wreak havoc on your health, productivity and relationships.

While the experience of stress can be negative, especially when you're in the moment, you must take a step back, re-evaluate your response and practice the positive habits that fight stress and its negative effects.

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