What types of phobias are there?

by Amber

Could you please tell me what types of phobias there are?

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Feb 01, 2011
What types of phobias are there.
by: Kell

Hi Amber,
There is a long list of phobias. The 10 most common phobias and all other phobias can be classed into one of five types of phobias

Animal type. Animal phobias are fears that are caused by animals or insects. Examples include a fear of dogs, a fear of snakes, fear of rodents, or a fear of spiders to name a few. Animal phobias generally have a childhood onset.

Natural Environment Type. These are phobias of the natural environment. Examples include fear of heights, a fear of storms, or a fear of the dark among others.

Situational Type. Situational type phobias are fears of specific situations. Examples include fear of tunnels, a fear of bridges, a fear of elevators, a fear of flying, fear of driving or a fear of enclosed spaces among others.

Blood-Injection-Injury Type. These phobias are fears of seeing blood, an injury or receiving an injection.

Other type. If you have an irrational fear that is overwhelming and it is a fear of an other stimuli not included above. Such phobias may be a fear of choking, a fear of illness, or in some children it may be a fear of certain characters e.g. a fear of clowns.

All the best,

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