Work with your manager to reduce work stress

by Barry

I find that working with my manager to reduce stress is really helpful - although I must say that I was really concerned about how to tell my manager that I need his help to reduce my stress.

For me I can reduce work stress by:

1. working with some of the relaxation techniques etc that I can use to reduce my stress, or

2. getting the manager or organization to reduce stress.

I don't want to tell you which organization I work for, but I was lucky enough to have a manager who saw that the long-time productivity of the workers was best looked after by reducing their stress.

We introduced various ways to reduce stress - e.g less over time pay, less staying back, time management workshops and attempted to change the culture of the workforce - took time but we are happier (we did a survey before and after), there is less absenteeism and our indicators suggest we are more productive.


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